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Tampere Dream Hostel & Hotel is a neat, tastefully designed and centrally located awards winning accomodation for you if you want to try something different

Story of Dream Hostel & Hotel


Year 2010 Finland’s most modern hostel opened it’s doors at Tampere. The idea was to offer customer an authentic, international hostel experience spiced with warm service. The concept seems to be working -Dream Hostel has been awarded as Finland’s best hostel five times in a row.

The services of modern hostels include offering rooms for those who appreciate the sincere and relaxed atmosphere of a hostel, but also need some privacy as well. Therefore in August 2014 the hostel got an expansion of 20 modern ensuite rooms, combining the best features of hostels and hotels. The desing details played a big role in the process, but everything was executed while keeping in mind the spirit of the hostel.

As one of the few privately owned hostels in Finland, the accommodation establishment run by Ville and Eveliina Virkki has in a span of a few years gathered a lot of international interest. For example, Dream Hostel & Hotel has been chosen as one of the top 10 best luxury hostels according to The Guardian. Furthermore, the design of the new expansion has not gone unnoticed among the architechts –after being finished, the project was mentioned on along with other industry sites.

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from 59€ / night / room!
from 65€ / night / room!
from 62€ / night / room!
from 89€ / night / room!
from 25€ / person / night!
from 25€ / person / night!
from 22€ / person / night!
from 19.80€ / person / night!
Cozy and peaceful accommodation at Valkeakoski, 30km from Tampere!
Best rated accommodation in Tampere from 2010 - 2013
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!