Bike and walking tours in Tampere

Bike and walking tours in Tampere

weekly schedule for the periode 22-06-2015 untill 06-09-2015:

Friday - Tampere by bike: starting from Dream Hostel 15.30 
Saturday - Tampere by foot: starting from Dream Hostel 11.00
Saturday - Tampere by bike : starting from Dream Hostel 14.00

Tampere by foot text:

Get to know the city and join your local guide who takes you to the hidden gems of the city.  Visit the old factory area, local street art, wooden houses, parks and more and learn about the past and present of the city.

During the tours there are stops so you can take pictures and rest while your guide tells you about the past and present of the city. Get to know the life of the citizens in the past and present and enjoy this about two hour long walk in and around the city center..


Tampere by Bike Tour: 

The Tampere by Bike Tour is one of the best ways to kick of your visit to Tampere. Discover monuments and explore hidden parts of the city with your local guide.

Jump on the saddle and take a ride with your guide along cycling paths and the back streets of Tampere.

On our bike we ride across the city center to Pispala area (famous for the wooden houses and artistic spirit), Pyynikki observation tower where we have a rest and where you can climb to the top of the tower to oversee the whole city. Then we ride back to the city center where your guide gives you tips and advice about interesting spots.

We will ride at an easy pace to make sure you have a safe and comfortable journey. Even if you haven’t ridden a bike for many years, you will notice how fun and easy going it can be.

Along the way we will make frequent stops so you can enjoy the sights, take photos and listen to the guide telling interesting facts and historical tales.

This is the way to learn about local spots and hidden gems of the city.


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