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We are specialized in group bookings and we are developing our services all the time. We often accommodate different groups and the feedback we have received has been very positive. We have hosted for example football teams, festival guests, theatre groups, bands, choirs, bachelor party groups, exchange students etc. You name it! Every group has its special needs and we do our best to fulfill even the smallest wish. It’s not only about the accommodation but we try to do our utmost that your group has a pleasant trip to Tampere and Finland.


  • We have about 100 bed places in the hostel and 40 bed places in the brand new Dream Hotel. With extra mattresses we can organize even more places to sleep.
  • We surely have enough toilets and showers, even for a big group. No queueing needed!
  • In our common area there is space for about 30 people at one time. If a bigger group needs to have a breakfast, for example, it’s all about organizing and scheduling.
  • If you book the whole hostel/hotel, you can also hold for example seminars, meetings, band training sessions and your group's morning yoga class here. We are very flexible.

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from 59€ / night / room!
from 65€ / night / room!
from 62€ / night / room!
from 89€ / night / room!
from 25€ / person / night!
from 25€ / person / night!
from 22€ / person / night!
from 19.80€ / person / night!
Cozy and peaceful accommodation at Valkeakoski, 30km from Tampere!
Best rated accommodation in Tampere from 2010 - 2013
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!
Hoscar winner 3 years in a row!