Our Story

Dream Hostel & Hotel is situated in Åkerlundinkatu 2, 33100, Tampere, Finland.

We’re right in the centre of the city, on a quiet side street. This charming old industrial building used to be, among other things, a

pharmaceutical production facility and a papermill storage, and has recently been fully renovated.

The hostel, that has been operating on the ground floor since 2010, has a spacious common kitchen and

living room breakfast is also served.

On the first floor, right above the hostel is our new hotel side, opened in 2014, which also has a common space and a compact kitchen.

As one of the few remaining privately owned properties in Tampere, Dream Hostel & Hotel has quickly

attracted international fame. Owned and operated by Ville and Eveliina Virkki, their life’s work has been

praised by the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian in "Top 10 European Luxury Hostels". The new

hotel expansion has created a buzz in the architectural circles as well: this project was covered, among

other places, on the super-popular Dezeen.com -website.

Design by Studio Puisto


Ville & Eveliina Virkki are posing in the picture for Finnair Photographer. You can get to the article they wrote about Dream Hostel&Hotel by clicking the picture.