Frequently Asked Questions About Group Accommodation

Here is some basic information concerning groups larger than 10 people. We have been specialising in group accommodation from the get go, and are always determined to learn more. As proof of our dedication, we’re constantly getting positive feedback from groups staying at the property. Our hostel has successfully hosted school groups, sports teams, theatre ensembles, festival guests, associations, exchange students, bachelor parties, bands and choirs – to mention a few. Every group has its special features and needs, which we aim to take into consideration. In addition to accommodation, you’ll get all the support and advice to make the rest of your trip as successful as possible

Q: Is it possible to reserve all the rooms?

A: Yes, if all our rooms are available.

Q: Is there a group discount?

A: Normally we can offer a 10% discount for groups, but this must be negotiated with the hostel before arrival.

Q: Must I pay upon arrival, or is it possible to get invoiced?

A: Payment by invoice is possible. Please contact us before arrival.

Q: Our group wants to bring lots of snacks. Are there enough refrigerators?

A: So far, we haven’t had any trouble storing everyone’s food properly 🙂

Q: We have sports equipment with us, is there a storage space?

A: We have a luggage room for storing luggage and equipment.

Q: Do you have a conference space?

A: We can offer a relaxed meeting space in our hostel’s common area and another one on the hotel floor.

Here are just a few examples of the services you can pre-book from us:

– Continental breakfast buffet, also other meal arrangements such as packed lunch.

– Bicycle hire

– Reservations and discounts to local restaurants

We’re ready to customize just the right kind of package for your group, with excursions, food and other

activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because here nothing is impossible!