Privacy policy

DESCRIPTION OF PERSONAL DATA FILE Personal Data Act (523/1999), section 10. Privacy Policy of the register holder.

1. Register holder (controller)

Dream Hostel
Åkerlundinkatu 2 A
33100 Tampere
+358 45 2360517
Business ID: 2277044-4

2. Person in charge of register or contact person

Eveliina Virkki
Åkerlundinkatu 2 A
33100 Tampere
+358 45 2360517
Business ID: 2277044-4

3. Name of register

Dream Hostel’s customer register

4. Legal grounds of processing of personal data

The processing of personal data in the customer register is based on a client relationship between Dream Hostel Oy and it’s consumer and business clients. The basis for processing of personal data is also an agreement between the register holder and the registered, i.e. billing information. Additionally, processing of personal details is based on the controller’s legal obligation.

5. Purpose of the processing of personal data

This register’s purpose is to:

Maintain and develop customer relationships

Communicate to customers

Handle and modify reservations made by guest

Sell and execute services

Enable payment, billing and controlling of payments

Market register holder’s services and to develop business and customer service

Enable online selling such as delivering order information and billing details between the guest and the register holder 

Provide better service, such as dietary options for breakfast

Secure safety for all our accommodated guests, to prevent any criminal actions and to help solving crimes

Collect statistics

6. Information content of the data file

Customer’s personal details: first and last name, date of birth, passport/ID card number, contact information (for example phone number and e-mail), nationality, gender, the number of children staying in the property premises with the customer and their names and ages and, if needed, the billing information of the customer.

From company customers the company name, address, contact information, business ID and billing details are also collected if needed.

Customer service information:
information on customer review, comments on register holder’s services and other information received with customer’s consent.

Booking information (past and future bookings): Information connected to customer’s preferences (such as smoke-free room, room type information or information about additional services requested)

Information on customer’s payment methods (including late payment information) and billing information.

Customer’s permission to direct advertising made with e-mail, SMS or other automatic methods.

Information in legal prohibition of direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing.

Card-specific information about the use of register holder’s services (for example number of night stayed and purchases)

Other information collected with the permission of the customer (for example information about physical challenges and illnesses) that is needed in order to provide services requested.

7. Regular sources of information

Every customer’s personal details and contact information are collected online with MEWS Property Management System’s online forms or with paper forms manually. Customers either fill in their details in person when using MEWS webshop or customer information form or the information is collected manually at the check-in or with ID scanner (SnapShell).

8. Regular destinations of disclosed data and data transfer to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Register holder can transfer customer’s personal data to third parties like the police or other legitimate authorities if the matter is about investigating a crime or if it is instructed by the law or a decision of the authorities.

To provide door opening services for our guests, the following details are disclosed to HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy security at the end of the day: the name of the guest, room number and the dates of the reservation.

If the register holder sells, reorganizes or otherwise gives the business either fully or partly, this data in question can be transferred. Data is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

9. Data protection policy

A. Manually processed data
If content is printed out from the register saved in the server, the manual content is held locked. Only the register holder and legitimate authorities have the access rights to the content.
B. Electronically processed data
Register is located in Mews Systems Ltd’s server. The full register information is accessible only to the register holder, maintenance personnel and legitimate authorities. The information is protected by appropriate technical and organisatorial procedures in case of disappearance, conversion or access without legal rights.

10. Right of access and realisation of the right of access

Everyone has the right of access, after having supplied sufficient search criteria, to the data on him/her in a personal data file, or to a notice that the file contains no such data. Right of access is free of charge once a year. Anyone who wishes to have access to the data on himself/herself, shall make a request to this effect to the controller by a personally signed or otherwise comparably verified document of by appearing personally in the premises of the controller.

11. Rectification and realisation of the rectification

Everyone has the right to request rectification of invalid register information.
The rectification request should be made in writing and with sufficient details.

12. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

According to the information privacy law 30 § “everyone in the register has the right to prohibit the use of their information for direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing, market surveys and polls, as well as for the compilation of genealogies and registers of individuals.” This prohibition as well as rectification requests should be addressed to:

Dream Hostel Oy
Åkerlundinkatu 2 A
33100 Tampere
+358 45 2360517
Business ID: 2277044-4


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