Dream Hostel, the best hostel in Tampere

Our property at the Dream Hostel has been selected, among other things, as one of the top ten luxury hostels in Europe by a

respected British newspaper The Guardian. In addition to the lowest prices in Tampere, our dorms are

equipped with high-quality solid wood bunk beds that offer the guests both comfortable sleep as well as

added privacy. You can also book private rooms at the hostel for two, four or six guests.

Dream Hostel & Hotel Tampere has a fully equipped common kitchen that gives you the opportunity to

cook even the finest of meals, while getting to know your fellow travellers.

Showers and toilets, situated in the immediate vicinity of the rooms, are plentiful enough so you never have to wait in queue.

You can secure your valuables in a personal cabinet using your own lock, or use the smaller lockers by the reception.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Tampere, consider staying at a property that has been selected as the best hostel in the city, and Finland for several years in a row.

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