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Finland’s flag carrier and the fifth oldest airline in the world, Finnair paid us a visit and explains

“hygge, the Scandinavian obsession with getting cosy”. Check the full interview by Blue Wings




Taloudellinen Tiedotustoimisto, the Finnish Economic Information Office interviewed (in Finnish)

the founders of Dream Hostel & Hotel about their journey towards becoming successful




“HAMK was a jackpot for me”

How did Dream Hostel become alive and how an International Business Degree helped Ville Virkki

to make it all happen?



British tabloid Daily Mail has named us one of Europe’s top ten luxury “poshtels”.



Dream Hostel & Hotel was mentioned on the local paper Aamulehti after being awarded the hostel

of the year 2017 by the Finnish hostel association.

Another article about us on Aamulehti with a short video, sharing the best parts of hostel and hotel

industry in Ville and Eveliina’s opinion.



In the beginning of the academic year, the city is swarming with freshmen students, some who are

still looking for a place to call home. That’s when we’re here to help.


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