Things do in Tampere

There is always something fun to do in Tampere, whether you want to be active or just relax. Public saunas,
amusement park, observation towers, parks, lakes, shopping, restaurants and pubs are guaranteed to keep
you busy and entertained. If you want to be active, there are also several sporting facilities and tracks all
around town for athletes to get their blood pumping.

Release the adrenalin without sweating by visiting the Särkänniemi amusement park on the north side of
the city centre. The park is built on a beautiful peninsula and surrounded by water on three sides.
Särkännienmi spreads from the base of the famous 168 meters tall Näsinneula observation tower – tallest
of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Room escape craze has taken Tampere by storm, with several “rooms” sprung up all over the city. These
facilities are popular and well managed – what a perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends! Closest
room escape is located right across the street from Dream Hostel & Hotel, directly above our new sauna
and restaurant premises.

Tampere is rich in culture: Our city has numerous theatres of varying styles, so everyone can enjoy their
favourite style of the performing arts with ease. The exhibition and museum scene is even more plentiful,
including art galleries and museums telling about the history of Tampere and its famous inhabitants, ice
hockey, computer games, factory workers’ lives and the art of espionage. Last but not least, a trip here
would not be complete without a visit to the magnificent Moomin Museum(linkki), right next to our

Shopping opportunities in this city are limitless, and main streets of the centre are full of mostly smaller
brick and mortar shops, selling all things necessary, and many sorts of knickknacks. Tullintori shopping
centre is located practically next door from our hostel, and Koskikeskus less than ten minutes by foot.
Together with the two department stores on the main street, shops at the centre can surely satisfy most
spending needs. More serious shoppers can take a short bus ride to Lielahti retail park area on the west
side of Tampere, where one can find great deals from the mega-sized shopping centres and hypermarkets.